• Jan, 2024
    Decoupled machine learning training.

    I have a patent Decoupled machine learning training on the cloud.

  • Nov, 2023
    Applying compression profiles across similar neural network architectures.

    I have a patent issued on applying neural network compression.

  • Sep, 2023
    Searching compression profiles for trained neural networks .

    I have a patent issued on searching for compressed neural network models.

  • Nov, 2022
    Reinforcement learning for training compression policies for machine learning models .

    I have a patent issued on neural network compression.

  • Oct, 2020
    Evaluating the effectiveness of ENAS for sentence-pair tasks.
  • April, 2020
    Out-of-the-box channel pruned networks.

    I published an arXiv Pre-print titled "Out-of-the-box channel pruned networks".

  • March, 2020
    Domain mapping for privacy preservation.

    I have a patent issued on privacy preserving ML.

  • July, 2019
    d-SNE: Domain Adaptation using Stochastic Neighborhood Embedding.

    I published an oral paper at CVPR 2019. Code is available here.

  • Nov, 2018
    Amazon SageMaker Reinforcement Learning.

    I worked on the launch the Amazon SageMaker RL project for re:Invent 2018. One of the pieces that I worked on the launch of Neural Network Compression using Reinforcement Learning in collaboration with GE Healthcare.

  • Nov, 2018
    Amazon SageMaker Semantic Segmentation.

    I developed and launched the Amazon SageMaker Semantic Segmentation algorithms.

  • Aug, 2018
    Bring your own pre-trained MXNet or TensorFlow models into Amazon SageMaker.

    I published a blog demonstrating BYO Tensorflow or MXNet Models into SageMaker

  • July, 2018
    Amazon SageMaker Object Detection.

    I worked on the launch of the Amazon SageMaker Object Detection algorithms.

  • 2018
    Amazon SageMaker.

    In my duties with the Aamazon SageMaker team, I often contribute to @aws, @dmlc and @awslabs open-source repositories. I was part of the Sagemaker Launch team and contributed to several pieces of Software that were shipped at launch including the MxNet and tensorflow containers. Apart from simple issues, I have written several Sagemaker Example notebooks and have contributed to the Sagemaker python SDK.